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HCPEA Impact Award

Healthcare investors play a vital role and our members bring innovation to the forefront to take on the biggest challenges in healthcare.

Through the annual HCPEA Award program, we have the honor of spotlighting this impact.

The HCPEA Impact Award is an annual recognition program that elevates the vital role of private equity in making healthcare better, stronger, and more innovative. Through investments, our member firms empower organizations within their portfolio to take on healthcare’s biggest challenges of access, quality and equity.

The HCPEA Impact Award honors healthcare organizations that have made significant progress and contributions to the following critical areas:

  • Access to care and improved health equity
  • Quality of care and improved outcomes and patient safety
  • Innovation in scientific research, therapeutic treatments, and care delivery
  • Enhanced efficiency and greater cost efficacy throughout the healthcare ecosystem
  • Clinician and employee engagement and experience
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

With great honor, HCPEA awarded the inaugural Impact Award to Empower Community Care, owned by member firm Northlane Capital Partners.

As a global behavioral health organization helping at-risk youth, Empower is truly making a difference. They are a shining example of what private equity can bring to a fantastic company to help it serve communities in meaningful ways.

Empower is responsible for distributing proprietary intervention models, support services, and technologies to help at-risk youth, their families, and caregivers. The company provides training and support for scientifically proven, community-based interventions that help disadvantaged youth overcome difficult circumstances, including justice system involvement, mental health crises, and education-related obstacles. In addition to the core services around implementing evidence-based models, Empower offers a robust set of risk assessment and case management software solutions, criminal justice tools, and training and consulting services to enable stakeholders working with at-risk populations to achieve positive outcomes.

The company serves state, county, and municipal government agencies, as well as non-profit organizations, across all 50 states, and in over 30 countries globally. The Empower platform and employee base is not the direct care provider; instead, the company licenses its models and technologies and provides ongoing training and support, enabling its highly scalable platform to serve families worldwide.